Rodney Carrington - Dancing With A Man Lyrics

I saw her sittin' in a barroom in that smokey atmosphere
She smiled back at me as I drank down one last beer
She pulled me on the dancefloor and we danced a song or two
It was then I realized that I had bit off more than I could chew

I think I'm dancing with a man
She's got calasses on her hands
She's got a voice deeper than mine
She gets a stiffy when we grind
I think I'm dancing with a man

We sat down and talked a while and we listened to the band
Then a friend of mine walked by and he asked her if she'd dance
Then he gently took her hand (oooooh-oooooh)
and he twirled her round and round
It looked like he was having fun until her skirt fell to the ground

I think he's dancing with a man
The boys at the lodge won't understand
With her hand on his behind
They two-stepped till half past 9
I think he's dancing with a man

Ohhh shit I think we're dancing with a man
It'll be known throughout the land
Two boys from Texas danced the jig with a dude who wore a wig
We've been dancing with a man

She crushed a beer can on her head
Good Lord her foreheads red
We've been dancing with a big man

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