CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Our Day Will Come Lyrics

Ooh, ohh yeah yeah, ohhMmmm ohh, yeahOur day will come and we'll have everythingAnd ooh, we'll share the joyFalling in love can bringAnd no one can tell meThat I'm too young to know'cause I love you so ('cause I love you so)And you love me yeah, ohhOur day will come if we just wait awhileAnd ooh, no tears for usMake loving with a smileAnd our dreams are meant to be'cause we'll always stayIn love this wayOur day, will comeOur day will comeWill comeOur day will come (our day will come)Will comeOur day will comeWill come (ooh)Our day will come (yeah yeah yeah yeah)Will comeOoh, ohh yeah yeah, ohhI said one day, our day, will comeOne day, our day, will comeOoh, and nothing can stand in our way, ohOhh, said nothing, nothing can, stand in our wayOur day will come (ohh, ooh...)Will comeOur day will come (our day will come, yeah)Will comeNo one can change your mindBaby you are one of a kindForever you'll be mineWe've got to get to know for meYou know I love you soAnd I want the world to knowForever, darling you will be my babyOur day will comeWill comeOur day will comeWill come

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