CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Put Your Hands On Me Lyrics

I don't know about the travel of timeAnd I've never seen most of the worldI don't knowDiving out of the skyOr living like the diamondsOf pearlsSee I haven't danced to a musical tuneAnd I haven't noticed the flowers in bloomI haven't smiledWhen alone in my room very muchThen we touchedI just knowWhen you put your hands on meI feel sexyAnd my body turns to goldI just knowWhen you put your hands on meI feel readyAnd I lose my self-controlI don't know if a doll can unwindOr how to make a person goI don't know how to be what you likeAnd simply open up the depth of my soulSo I keep my wingsAnd my eyes on the downReady for nothingBut holding my groundI haven't usedA particular noun very muchThen we touchedI won't noticeOr pay you no mindBoy I couldn't care lessWhat you do with your timeYour fingertips on my hipsJust move me like one of a kind

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