CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Underappreciated Lyrics

I remember when it all first beganWe were tight right from the startIt wasn't long before you came on strongTrying hard to win my heartI played hard to getBut I couldn't help but give up my heart in the endYou were thoughtfulCareful not to hurt the relationshipWhat happened to those daysWhen you used to be compassionate? Caring what I thought and saidSo attentive, a gentlemanNow it's hard to turn your headAway from the tv setTaking me for granted, franklyIt's gotta quit(chorus)Ooh I feel underappreciatedNow girls help me outIf you know what I'm talking aboutI said I'm feeling underappreciatedFor all the time and effortI have put in this commitmentTake it back againTo the very beginingWhen our love was something newBack when romance was importantAnd not just another thing to doI was feeling high on loves delightThought I'd never come back downNow it seems that you and meHave lost our solid groundAfter time I realized I seem to giveMore than I getSlowly how things seem to changeAfter a few years commitmentUsed to talk for hours on endOf our dreams while we lay in bedI miss those days when you stayed awakeNow you roll over and snore instead(chorus)I miss the nice massagesThe long phone calls and theWay you talked how it turned me onMiss the bubble bathsHad the sweetest laughsI'm needin' those days back(chorus) x2

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