I can't believe what you did to meDown on my knees and I need to break freeAll these years you violated me(violated me)I don't know why I can't feel insideI try to hide can't make it alright, it's overkillNow I'm ready to fight(ready to fight)I don't need nobody tryin' to make me overI just want to live simple and freeI just want to get awaySavin' all your bullshit for another dayFeeling confined like I'm bein' force fedMy visions blurry and I'm lost in regretsIt's overload and I'm outta control(outta control)So sick and tired of bein' misused(so misused)You're taking me down with all your mental abuseAnd I said, I gotta get you outta my headEverybody's always trying to look me overI just wanna live simple and freeChorus:I just want to get awaySaving all your bullshit for another dayI'm the only one that can rescue me from meLeaving the house around quarter to fiveZipped up my boots and I'm ready to rideAnd I feel so high, I feel so aliveLet down my hair feel the wind on my skinCrossin' the border where my new life beginsAnd I close my eyes and take it all inI don't need nobody tryin' to make me over(don't make me over)I just want to live simple and freeRepeat chorus x2You wanna break me down...(x3)

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