CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Love For All Seasons Lyrics

Hey there boy did ya happen to knowWherever you go I'll followOoo babe you're like a cool breezeOn a summer dayWhen you're near meI don't know what to doI feel like a foolLike a schoolgirlTrue blue girlWho wants to knowCan you come out and playYou make me feel the way a women is supposed to feelShow you that my love's for realI'll be the rain in your summerThe chill in your fallI'll be whatcha wantAnything at allI've got a love for all seasonsA love for all timeI'll be the fire in your sinterThe sun in your springI'll do whatever you wantGive ya everythingI've got a love for all seasonsA love for all timeI'll be there for youKeepin' you warmThrough the stormI'll guide youStand by you until the stars fall from the skyWhen you call meI never hesitateMakin' you wait for my loveNever lie loveIt's something I just can't denyI'll read your each and every feelin'When you need me toSo now I gotta let you knowThis love's for youYou don't have to search no moreBaby you don't have to dreamCause what I've got inside for youIt's all that you'll ever needYou don't have to search no moreMy heart is yoursFor real for sureYou don't have to wonder whyI'll never leaveI'll never lie

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