CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Love Will Find A Way Lyrics

No one ever said that love was gonna be easyGotta take the ups and downs, the in-betweensIf you take this journey, gotta give yourself completelyNever let nobody ever step on a dreamYou better stopListen to these words I sayYou better stopDon't you throw this good thing away no noPut your trust in meAnd I'll make you seeChorus:No the rain wont last foreverFind a way to make it betterLong as we can stand togetherLove will find a wayGonna make a new tomorrowSay good-bye to tears and sorrowBetter listen when I sayLove will find a waySomebody tried to tell me love doesn't last foreverSaid it only happens in your wildest dreamsAfter all is said and done were still here togetherNever listen to the lies and jealousyYou better stopDon't you let them turn you aroundYou better stopHang onto this love that weave foundNuthin ever sayCan stand in our wayChorus

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