CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Impossible Lyrics

Its impossible,Its impossible to love youIf you don‘t, let me know, what your feelingIts impossible, for me to give you what you needIf your always, hold it from meI don't know what hurt youI just, I wanna make it rightCuz boy I'm sick and tired of tryin to read your mindCuz it's impossibleOh, baby it's impossibleFor me to love you... this wayIts impossibleOh baby it's impossibleIf your making it this way(if you keep treating me this wayOver, and over.)Impossible to make it easyIf your always trying to make it so damn hardHow can i, how can i, give you all my love babyIf your always, always putting up your guardThis is not a circusDon't ya play me for a clownHow long can emotions keep on going up and downChorus

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