CHRISTINA AGUILERA - Get Mine, Get Yours Lyrics

Baby you pretend that things ain't what they seemAll this tension , titling just exactly what we should beBaby I don't mind us being some kind casual thingListen all I want to do for now is have you come and take all of me,Can youChorus:Put your hands on my waistlineWant your skin up against mineMove my hips to the baselineLet me get mine you get yoursHang a please don't disturb signPut my back into a slow grindRunnin' chills up and down my spineLet me get mine you get yoursIf you see me with a man understand that you can't question meThe feelings taht you caught ain't my fault can't help your jealousyIf you can handle the fact that what we have has got to beCommitment free. then we can keep this undercover lovin' commin'Hidden underneath the sheets.Can youChorusSo come on and freak my body we can get nasty naughtyAll night private partyGotta hit that spot just rightWork me like a 9 to 5It ain't about the kissin' and huggin' cause this is a physical lovin'Straight sweatin' our bodies are rubbin'Gotta hit that spot just right work me like a 9 to 5*whisper*We have a physcial thingWe make love, but don't fall in loveLet me get mine you get yours*whisper*We spend timeJust enough so you get yours, and I get mineNo strings attatchedI want your bodyNot your heartChorus x2*whisper*Yeah,Don't be shyI won't biteLet me get mine you get yours

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