Yung Redd & Lil Ron - Swallow My Pride Lyrics

(feat. Gritboyz)

N-D-T-P (yeah), nigga
Get your money nigga, get your money nigga
I'm just saying though, I'm still on the block man
I'm trying to get mine, but I'ma tell y'all like a nigga told me man
Get your money till you D-I-E man

[Yung Redd:]
See I can't back my ways, partna not even if I tried
Never swallow my pride, or keep my feelings inside
There ain't nothing to hide, you can see it in my eyes
A couple minor setbacks, still at least I tried
For every nigga that died, for every mama that cried
To every kid that heard a shot, scared to come outside
Pay attention y'all, I'ma tell you like a nigga told me
No matter what, get paper till you D-I-E nigga
With all the shit that I been through, dead ends where I been to
It's a couple of issues, I'd rather not get into
Never thought I'd fill my vault, with just a paper and pencil
You ain't gotta pay me back, for that money I sent ya
Took mine, while the getting was good
Feel like a prison, just to live in the hood
If ya could ya would, find a way out never wear your days out
And really I'm just trying to get paid, till I fade out

Nine when I ride, high until I die
Don't ask why, I just won't mind
Rain sunshine, I'm on my grind
Don't ask why, I'd never swallow my pride
Yeah listen you'll never do me, and it's a million niggaz in the street like me
My eyes wired shut, you don't see what I see
I've been hunting for weeks, ain't no time to sleep
Still a nigga gotta eat, try to feel me

[Lil Ron:]
Ask no questions, get told no lies
That's why I blow the arm, when I'm rolling by
Why do I get so high, cause I'm solo in the ride
I trust no one, to ride on the other side
You gotta walk in my shoes, to see it like I see it
If ain't no money being made, I ain't staying I'm leaving
Not down, with betraying the fam' believe it
I'm just relieving my mind, it's time for me to speak it
It ain't a click of niggaz, like the team I run with
Bitches get y'all set up, cause y'all doing dumb shit
Click-boom there go the tool, speaking to you fools
He was innocent, but his man made too many moves
Oh well, his chick like taking pictures nude
Running through the crew, I ain't faking what you do
I play photographer, and let her do what she do
Run through the homies let her screw, she screwed


Collect the thoughts, from the back of my mind and then
Reel 'em out, in the raps that I rhyme and then
Resco', go package 'em down
Hit the block grind 'em hard, like a package of dimes yeah
I'm on my mash fa sho, I can't stall black
You can call me what you want, cause I be all that
Tickle this fo' nickel, and make you fall back
You came all tough but nigga, had to crawl back
I see facts, had the figga fa sho'
Peep game peep lames, that these niggaz is hoes
Yeah it take work, just to get in the do'
But why you faking and you shaking, I'll be getting this do' ay

Some niggaz, ain't acting the same mayn
Grit bout to start, slapping you lames mayn
Our money nigga, that ain't a game mayn
You try to get us, we gon splatter your brains mayn
And I'm harder, than any you artists
I'ma be the nigga in the winter, that's getting it regardless you retarded
And the meaning, we bringing it so important
Of you thinking of intervening, believe that you a target yeah
And I'm making it better, for niggaz that's starving
Trying to get they cheese up, we can't leave 'em back they need us
Please brah, you ain't walked on my streets
So how the fuck, you gon have the nuts to try me yeah


See I am what I am, and it is what it is
I've seen some shife shit, in the city I live
Lil' kids man they out there bad, they out on the Ave
With a mouth full of butter, chasing mountains of cash
And on the other half, some cats is taking another path
Struggling wondering, how long will the trouble last
I'm trying to bubble past, what everyone expected fo' me
Accept it homie, this the road God selected fo' me
So don't question my motives, know that I'm focused
Niggaz is hating I'm hear em, and I know that they bogus
But, I ain't gon let my boat pass me by
So when I do what I do, don't ask my why


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