Yung Redd & Lil Ron - Move Lyrics

There goes the neighborhood, Yung Redd uh-huh
Yeah-yeah-yeah, there go them hustlers
There go them hustlers, get out the way my nigga
There go them hustlers, uh-huh come on yeah

[Yung Redd:]
My nine calculate the block, run when you see the cops
They throwing niggaz under the jail, I can't never stop
Rocks in the tongue of my shoes, I'm running with dudes
Who knew we ain't have nothing to lose, spread the news
They said the spot got him, headed for rock bottom
But down here, you need 'em more than a nigga got em
Nigga I'm such a problem, somebody better stop him
I keep them thang popping, never leave home without em
See round here, them clowns plotting and laws watching
Plus I done came too far, stopping is not a option
Still I was broke with no hope, till I had a dream
My pockets were double XL, like the magazine

But I can show you, how to move like a hustler
Talk like a gangsta, march like a soldier [x4]
There go them hustlers, nigga there go them hustlers
There go them hustlers, nigga there go them hustlers
There go them hustlers, nigga there go them hustlers
7-1-3 my nigga, there go them hustlers

[Yung Redd:]
I started small time, dope game cocaine
No more slanging pounds of dro, I'm never broke mayn
Shop never closed, front do' was th dope spot
No sleep, hustle in them streets till we sold out
Couple of road blocks, can't regret set backs
Live a lil' learn some'ing, long as I earn some'ing
Heard my stock raised, higher than the gas price
Go 'head and play me to the left, I got my cash right
Now you can come get it, hard or soft
Playing my part is all, way before this rap shit started off
But niggaz fucking with my bread, I can't stand for it
That's when I show up at your do', like the landlord


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