Yung Redd & Lil Ron - Hustla Lyrics

You know, why I hustle for mine (yeah)
Mo'fuckers, I'm still on the grind
Ay H.$.E. niggaz, G's up yeah

Let me get a H, yeah I hustle all the time
Now let me get a U, understand I'm about mine
Let me get a S-T-L-E-R
I'm a hustling ass nigga, my money so large

[Yung Redd:]
The streets is wet I know, I preach this gutter flow
A go round come back nigga, you reap what you sew
Never took that much time, for me to know
See I just planted my seed, and let my money grow
Time reveal I'm real, these other niggaz hoes
And everyday's a gamble, so let the dice roll
Where I'm from, I been repping from unteen
It's been my theme, my earrings high beam
Yeah Yung Redd enough said, I bump heads
With these niggaz, who thought that I couldn't make enough bread
A hundred deep, I'm so strong
Get high in the plane, wet I smoke his own grown


[Lil' Ron:]
Grinding's a habit, I'm making this cabbage
Block move like clockwork, if anybody asks
Same as the glock work, do it without a mask
Learn to take it slow, when I'm making fast cash
Dro smoking, out of gas masks
The best grass put some'ing in the bank, stack and don't touch that
So for crack, just show me where them bucks at
Pull up in that truck, trust me sluts love that
I could show you how to make ya doubles, smooth like butter
But remember, I been through the struggle me and my brother
Smuggle shit through check points, with no trouble
Get a room and a coffee mug, make them hoes bubble


[Yung Redd:]
Fuck you, and any nigga you run with
You can play that punk shit, till you hear that Yung nigga
That get's the deal in the hood, we them niggaz they come get
I'm all grind small time, licks I'm done with
And it seem to me, y'all niggaz ain't G's to me
Must be a dream and y'all forseen, in the streets with me

[Lil' Ron:]
I keep my heat with me, and send five where your chest at
And them greentip bullets, going through that vest black
I'm taking them green dollas, to where them checks at
To the bank account, I put em and then I bring em out
Fuck what you thinking bout, I ain't with that hanging out
Lil' Ron getting paper, you wish you could make it out


Yeah, I don't know what the fuck
These niggaz, was thinking out here (Sucka Free)
We still on the grind mayn, we ain't never left mayn
H.$.E. mo'fuckers, yeah

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