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BRANDY - Almost Doesn't Count Lyrics

Almost made you love meAlmost made you cryAlmost made you happy, babyDidn't I didn't iYou almost had me thinkin'You were turned aroundBut everyone knowsAlmost doesn't countAlmost heard you sayingYou were finally freeWhat was always missing for you, babyYou'd found it in meBut you can't get to heavenHalf off the groundEverbody knowsAlmost doesn't countI can't keep on lovin' youOne foot outside the doorI hear a funny hesitationOf a heart that's never really sureCan't keep on tryin'If you're looking for moreThan all that I could give youThan what you came here forGonna find me somebodyNot afraid to let goWant a no doubt be there kind of manYou came real closeBut every time you built me upYou only let me downAnd everybody knowsAlmost doesn't countMaybe you'll be sorryMaybe you'll be coldMaybe you'll come runnin' back, baby]from the cruel cruel worldAlmost convince meYou're gonna stick aroundBut everybody knowsAlmost doesn't countSo maybe I'll be hereMaybe I'll se ya 'roundThat's the way it goesAlmost doesn't count

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