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Ophthalamia - Enter The Darkest Thoughts Of The Chosen / Agony's Lyrics

[whisper] I am the face and blood of knowledge
[whisper] I am the pure heart of wisdom

I smell the night sing its sleeping ancient lullaby
and the non-existing star horizon burnt its candle
Find the dark in my eyes
I'm not and I'm all
I'm the end of the beginning

[whisper] What do my eyes hide ?

I hear the winter breathe and spread his message of cold
and the clouds change their eyes and forget the time
I feel the skin of the trees listen and walk away
and the moon dreams and I hear its eternal call
I taste the depths of the sea in my eyes and fly
and the lips of dust play its song forevermore
I sea the colours of the world disappear in the mist
and the bright tear of my smell fear the morning

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