BRYAN ADAMS - The Only One Lyrics

Well I made up my mindNot gonna let you get awayTo think that I'm the lucky guyI've almost got it madeCause it's been so longSince I've felt so strongAbout anyone at allI get so excitedI ain't gonna fight itI think I might be fallin' in loveSo come on - let's get it rightCause you're the only oneSo come on - we ain't got all nightCause you're the only oneLast nightI thought you mighta stayedIf I'd a' had the gutsI woulda pushed my luckBut then you mighta turned awayHow do I explainI know it sounds insaneBut then I've been through this beforeIn just a matter of timeYou could change your mindYou could turn and walk right hrough that doorSo come on - let's get it straightCause you're the only oneSo come on - I just can't waitCause you're the only one

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