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BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN - New York City Serenade Lyrics

Billy, he's down by the railroad tracks, sittin' low in the back seat of his cadillac,Diamond jackie, she's so intact, she falls so softly beneath him,Jackie's heels are stacked, billy's got cleats on his boots,Together they're gonna boogaloo down broadway and come back home with theLoot,It's midnight in manhattan, this is no time to get cute, it's a mad dog's promenade,So walk tall, or baby don't walk at all.Fish lady, fish lady, fish lady she baits them tenement walls,She won't take cornerboys, ain't got no money, and they're so easy,I said, hey baby won't you take my hand, walk me down broadway,I'm a young man and I talk real loud, yeah, baby walk real proud for you.So shake it away, so shake away your street life, shake away your city life,And hook up to the train, hook up to the night train, hook it up hook up to the, hook up to the train,But I know that she won't take the train, no she won't take the train,No she won't take the train, no she won't take the trainShe's afraid them tracks are gonna slow her down,And when she turns this boy'll be goneSo long, sometimes you just gotta walk on.Hey vibes man, hey jazz man play me your serenadeAny deeper blue and you're playin' in your graveSave your notes, don't spend 'em on the blues boy,Save your notes, don't spend 'em on the darlin' yearlin' sharp boy,Straight for the church note ringin', vibes man sting a trash canListen to your junk man, listen to your junk man,Listen to your junk man, listen to your junk man,He's singin', singin', singin', singin'.All dressed up in satin, walkin' past the alley.Watch out for you junk man, watch out for your junk man,Watch out for your junk man.

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