Meshuggah - Spasm Lyrics

Stroboscopic contortion-assault.
Light bulb language translated into fits
Codes of tendon-flickers I can't grasp.
Focus lost as I writhe and twitch
Random beats of blinding shockwaves.
Erratic suns that twist my eyes
Flashes pounding at my thoughts as the intrinsic pains multiply

Muscle and tissue twined with every violent lash
Battered by an unrelenting shine
Immobilized by the increasing pains,
the procreating agonies of system breakdown

Lightwave frequency body-oscillation.
Undeciphered motions pass through my flesh
Bodily reverberation induced.
A corporeal system lost in its waves
Bleached into their existence by tremulous epileptic strokes
Blasts of irregular pulsar-radiation
Triggering the process of mind and body control

Lost to their control
A sentence - in flashes told
Enticed by their calls; - Insane, divine

Torn, undone, dissolved
By incandescent gods condemned
Burned. Their mark on my soul
To my inverted shadow confined

Twisted, spun. Vertebras and spinal column unaligned
Joints shattered and torn apart.
Spasm-rendered distortion
Organic spiral. Stretched and torn into a new creation
A worldless thing, a thingless word.
Lightborn malformation

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