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BOYZ II MEN - Thank U In Advance Lyrics

(excuse me, I know we just metBut may I have this dance? )0Sitting here with a drink in my handYour presence I can't ignoreI must admit I like watching you danceBut it seems like I've seen this beforeGirl, you look like my first wifeThough I've never been married beforeSo I kiss your hand and tell you 'thank you'You turn and ask me what for1 - for our first kiss on next weekFor when we make love in six weeksFor the ring you wore proudly three months from nowFor when you said 'i do' next marchAnd for those beautiful children of oursYes, I know it might sound strange cuz we just metBut I thank you in advance(shawn, help me sing it)Hi, my name is shawnTell me your nameAlthough I know the last oneIt's funny that we're shaking hands[wait a minute, I know this hand]It's the same hand (I'll hold in front of a minister)Same hand (when you're havin' my son and his sister)I don't mean to sound so bold and forwardBut I thank you in advanceRepeat 1It's like I came back in time to tell you thank youYou're as beautiful then as you are nowLook in the mirror, there is a pictureOf you and the man you loveRepeat 1Repeat 1I, i, i, i, iI thank you in advance, oohOoh ooh ooh

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