Burl Ives - New York Girls Lyrics

Burl Ives - New York Girls

Shipmates, listen unto me: I'll tell you in the song
Of things that happened to me when I come home from Hong Kong.

To me way, you Santy, my dear Annie.
Oh, you New York girls, can't you dance the polka?

As I walked down to Chatham Street, a fair maid I did meet,
Who asked me, please, to see her home: she lived on Bleecker Street.

“Now, if you'll only come with me, you can have a treat:
You can have a glass of brandy and something nice to eat.”

Before we sat down to eat, we had several drinks.
The liquor was so awful strong, I quickly fell asleep.

When I awoke next mornin' I had an achin' head.
My gold watch and my pocketbook and the lady friend had fled.

On a-looking around this little room, nothing I could see
But a woman's shoes and apron which now belonged to me

Now dressed in the ladys apron, I wandered most forlorn
‘Til Martin Churchill took me in and he sent me ‘round Cape Horn.

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