Pac 10 - Pain Lyrics

Ain' done nothing, always been a straight guy,
But society is the one leavin me here to die.
Hit me with a beat….
I'm the K-Mac, I won't hit you with a happy song,
Man I'm merely telling diff-er-ance from right and wrong.
Is it right to break a dudes arm and instill doom,
Is it wrong to spend a night in a hospital room.
Tried to throw myself off my school buildin,
Got into a hospital, to stop myself killin.
Man my myself-esteem was always takin hits,
When things around me were always goin to shit.

Pain, I get no love.
Pain, When I die, another white dove.
Pain, just make it stop.
Pain, get the charges dropped.

Man, you think this is enough
Think again
Cause for me things ain't rough enough yet.
Let's continue shall we?,
what, you think I'm talking a lie?
Don't believe me boy?
Well this is goodbye.
Seven years old, my sitter gone shoved my head down a toilet
Some sick shit any way you coil it.
Saw my dad at the age of nine, see if he could prove his worth
What could he be worth if he wasn't at my own birth.

Chorus X2

Yeah, story of my life one fucked up book
I'm the illustrator, author with a hook.
Let's continue to have a look,
Now I'm seeing my dad, everything looking cool
Until I ended up in a golf course pool
A pool, the fool thinking he nothin' to lose
At least I'm not the one drinking down the booze.
One time I recall we went to a lake
He threw rocks at me, man, what a fucking fake.
Now here's a part that gives you a frown
The part when my dad tried to get me drowned.
After that I was done, man he was ditched
How could I love a father when all he did was bitched.


Pain, I get no love.
Pain, who gives a fuck?
Pain, always been a straight guy
Pain, society leavin' me to die

Pain, society leavin' me to die X3 (fade out)

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