BOYZ II MEN - Doin' Just Fine Lyrics

There was a time when I thought life was over and outWhen you went away from meMy dying heart made it hard to breatheWould sit in my roomBecause I didn't want to have to go outAnd see you walking byOne look and I'd break right down and cryNow you say that you've made a big mistakeNever meant to take your love awayBut you can save your tired apologies'cause it may seem hard to believeButChorus:I'm doin' just fineGetting along very wellWithout you in my lifeI don't need you in my lifeI'm doin' just fineTime made me strongerYou're no longer on my mindYou were my earthMy number one priorityI gave me love to only youAnything you'd ask of meI would doBut somewhere down the roadYou felt a change in the weatherAnd told me that you had to journey onA kiss in the wind and your love was goneNow you say you never meant to play your gamesGirl, don't you know it's far too lateBecause you let our love just fall apartYou no longer have a heartChorusWhen you said goodbyeI felt so all aloneThere were times at night I couldn't sleepMy heart was much to weak to make it on my ownBaby after all the miseryAnd pain you put me throughSo unfair to me girlYou're no longer my worldAnd I ain't missin' you at allChorus

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