BOYZ II MEN - Beautiful Woman Lyrics

Written by kevgin 'she'kspere' briggs, nathanMorris, michael mccary, shawn stockman, wanya morris, kandi burrussLa da da da da daLa da da da da daAhhYou can put them on the cover of a magazineThe finest woman you'll ever seeIt would be my fantasyTo have them all surrounding meAll of them in love, it seemsTheir wanting things that they can only get from meThe best thing about it allIs I can have them ifI only keep dreamingFrom the shores of milanTo the streets of miami(beautiful women)From the beauty salonsTo the beaches in maui(beautiful women)From the coffee shopTo the restaurantsCan you hear me? (yes)Every place, every townIf you just look aroundYou'll find beautiful women1 - black, puerto ricanHaitian, dominicanBeautiful womenIndian, cuban, jamaicanAll of the nationsBeautiful womenEast coast, west coast city to the meadowBurbs to the ghettoBeautiful womenFrom cairo, to rio, to montegoBeautiful women, yeahYou know there's no way I could ever beWithout their sentualitiesAnd every time I think that I break freeIt's like they always grab meEverywhere I go, it's like a videoYou know exactly what I meanIf there could only be 3 more of meThen I could keep all these beautiful womenThere they goDoin' what they do toMake a man go crazyBut it just ain't fairCuz they got us in a dazeWhat makes me so amazedIs that they know itCuz they're beautifulWoo, woo, woo, oohOoh ooh, ooh yeahOooh oohYeahOhRepeat 1Repeat 1From the shores of milanTo the streets of miamiFrom the beauty salonsTo the beaches in mauiFrom the coffee shopTo the restaurantsCan you hear me? Every place, every townBeautiful womenRepeat 1 to fade

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