Bald Vulture - We're Creep Lyrics

Raise up your voices
Raise up your arms
Raise up your choices
Raise up your right
Raise up your dignity, it's not your destiny
Fight for a democracy
Scream for me, scream for us
Scream for everybody who are the victim
of a system where government do their best to increase poverty

Raise up your voices, before we're falling
Raise up your arms, before we're falling
Raise up your choices, before we're falling
Raise up your right, before we're falling

I don't want to tell you what you should do
But looking back and look behind
Humanity fall, creep and die
Scream for the sing or for the kids
Just for your friends before the end
Scream for your mom, your family
For your brother louder than ever
Scream for you, scream for your right
For the respect of human kind
To stop the error that we do

Racism, sexism, politic dictation, capitalism
War and genocide abuse of authority, discrimination
We're creep and if we don't do anything
We will lose everything

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