Bald Vulture - Children's Cry Lyrics

How the fuck can you serve this damshit system ?
How the fuck can you live your family for them ?
How the fuck are you proud to putt this flag up to your arms ?
When this flag represents corruption without regard?
Are you proud of your weapons and your stupid uniform ?
Of this stupid act of war ?
And you feel you're acting like a star?
You go to fight, to kill and destroy everybody
Do you realize that's for the money of a country ?
For the business of a man who laugh at you everyday
For the business of a country innocents will pay
They will pay by their life, but you don't realize
You prefer standing by a man who leads you by lies
Because of war, we're leaving in a world full of hate
Because of war
Kids are educated by your war
Your fucking violence
By your war, your damshit ignorance
Why do we have to pay ? Why do we have to cry ?
Why do we have to pay ? Why do we have to die ?
For money, business, country politic?
For me it's over, enough is enough

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