36 Mafia

36 Mafia - 1st Crime Scene (skit) lyrics

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What do we have here? <br />

One very dead brotha, five gun shot wounds, four to the chest.<br />

Name was Tim or<br />

Sumin, recognize it from the neighborhood. Drug related.<br />

Holding anything? <br />

Found what appears to be 20 oz on him.<br />

Kills him, but leaves the drugs.<br />

Wasn't about tha drugs. Someone's sendin a message.<br />

9mm.<br />

Weapon of choice. Close range.<br />

Yeah, too close for comfort.<br />

Hey I'm headin back to the house, u want me to book those<br />

Narcotics for ya? <br />

That's fine by me.<br />

You start tryin to get statements from these people here, see if<br />

U can get an<br />

Eyewitness.<br />


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