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2GETHER - You're My Baby Girl Lyrics

Performed by 2getherWritten by brian gunn, mark gunn, nigel dick and evan farmer*whistles to tune*12th of aprilWe decided it was timeI was feelin goodAnd you were lookin fineOn the basement floorWith trl behindYou were lovin me with carson daly on your mindChorusYou're my baby girlYou know that you areYou're my honey bunchYeah, my sweet lucky star(sweet lucky star)So put your hand in mineI will slap your sweet behindYou're my baby girl(my baby girl)E is for erin, and makin out with youR is for romp that's what you like to do (like to do)I is for eyes that are smilin back at meN is for nasty which we do constantlyChorusHot dogs, hamburgersWith buns that will pleaseErin likes the ketchup,But go easy on the cheese.I like to look down on herNaked from aboveShe's just like gwyneth paltrow I'm like shakespeare in loveRepeat chorusYou're the one I really wantRepeat chorus until fade

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