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Enter Shikari - Sorry You're Not A Winner Lyrics

Scratch Card Glory, Or Waist Low pleasure?
Black Eyes Nose Bleed, Dont Look back No-owww.
My White Abode Do You remember My White Abode?
"But I Get Itz Such A Thrill Too Find Out"
Sorry your Not...
A winner With the air So Cold And A Mind So Bitter,
What Have you Got.. To Loose But false intentioins And A Life So Pretentiouss.

(Solo music guitar)

Scrath Cardd Glory Or Waist Low Pleasure?..
Black eyez Nose Bleed! Dont Look Back No-oowww, MY white Abode Do You Remember My White Abode.
"But I Bet Its Such A Thrill To Find Out"
Sorry Your Not,, A Winner With the Air Soo Cold And A mind So Bitter.
What Have Yu Got...
Too Loose But Faulse Intentions And A Life So Pretentious.

Scratch Card Gloryyy,, OR Waist Low Pleasuree?
Back Eyez Nose Bleed. Dont Look Back Nooowwww..
My White Abode.. Do You Remember?

I sweat I Achee.

Sorry Your Not.. A Winnerrr With The Air So Cold Andd A mind So Bittarr. WHAT have you got? Too Loose? But Faulse Intentions? And A Mind So PRETENTIOUSSS!



Thanks to Sharnnaaaaaaa for these lyrics

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