Planet Smashers - Pierce Me Lyrics

Everybody now has at least one tattoo
Private school girls wearing
Doctor Marten boots
A studded leather jacket won't in still fear
Marijuana clothes can be bought at Sears
Your little brother has bright green hair
Retro 70's threads will make everyone look square
My parents went on a holiday in Cambodia
All the little mods think they're the surplus army-uh
All that kid's stuff's been done before
Piss off your teachers, you're no poser
To offend your parents it has to be new
Gotta' show everyone that you're so cool
Stick a pin in your ear
Drill a hole in your nose
Connect them with a chain
Let the snot flow
Drive a stake through your lip
And a ring 'round your brow
Put a stud in your tit
More holes tomorrow
Pierce a needle through your penis
Bore a tunnel in your tongue
Never mind the redness
This is so much fun!
Look at those eco-warriors running around in birkenstocks
Winter never stops 'em, they just wear Honduran socks
Skate or die your wayaround town
Black death gothic fashions drag the world down
Those little rappers wear their clothes backwards
Now every single kid thinks they're a gangsta
Never wash your hear, gross, you'll have dreads
Shave it all off like Kojak, be a skinhead...

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