Planet Smashers - No Self Control Lyrics

I was told I had my senses, I was doing fine
But that's all changed, no recollection
Those days I left behind.
You're in my head, it's worse when you're in front of me
When I see you I can't do anything
Your so drop dead I loose all my motor skills
You see me falling are you laughing?

Self Control no self control need no motivation
Self Control no self control need no provocation

Can't stop my thoughts, they follow you everywhere
You move so fast that I get dizzy
And now I trip when I walk next to you
How can I manage this affliction that you've given me
You're in my brain, swirling like a chemical
You leave me on the floor sputtering
The thermostat is useless when I'm with you 98 degrees and I'm still trembling!!!

I can't move forward
I can't look back
I've been crippled by your love attack
It's deep within me it's like a disease
Your burned into my brain I'm losing all my Self Control

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