2GETHER - Rub One Out Lyrics

Performed by whoa!Written by brian gunn, mark gun, nigel dick, julie glaze, josh schwartz, brian kierulf and andrew frommMmm..yeah..oh baby..Girl..when I think about you..i think of one thing..and you know what that is..Only think of one thingI lock my doorGet down on the floorAnd I rub one outI sit back in my chairLike I just don't careAnd I rub one outWhen I'm feelin lonelyAnd I want you to hold meI rub one out, yeahOh ohChorusRub one outHey don't be shy(girl don't be shy)Rub one outGirl, don't ask me why(don't ask me why)Rub one out and I'll grab my crotch(grab my crotch)Rub one outDo you want to watch me? When I'm aloneAnd you're on the phoneI rub one outRub one outWhen I'm feelin hotAnd I'm all in a knotI rub one outSo baby don't be shyDon't ask whyI rub one outBabbyyy, yeahChorusGirl I wanna get inside youAll my dreams to get beside youOoh leave a message besides my machineSomethin warm and sexyAnd I'll rub one out cos that's the way it affects me, babeIt's not enough kissing and stuffSo I rub one outWhen you're not hereAnd I want you nearI rub one outChorus

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