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PlayRadioPlay! - Juice Box, Paper Hat, And A Line Of Pixie Stix Lyrics

So many surfaces so colorless and bland
I've got so many colors in my new box in my hand
One day I'll think about getting
But today I'm just gonna color the sky

Start with the blue draw circular clouds
Then with the green I add the food for the cows
Next with the red I draw a house too small
For any real person but that don't matter at all

Brown bird with a triangular beak
Yellow legs with three lines for feet
A green car with circular headlights
Bust out the scissors, gonna bring this drawing to life

Mommy please don't make me go to school
I wanna draw a castle and dragon in a swimming pool
Yellow starts in the black
Blue moon with a happy face these days that's not right

Juice Box Paper Hat and a Line of Pixie Stix

I wanna be the one there
To draw you pictures and play with your hair
Virginia beach isn't too far away from you
Maybe this summer it won't be for me too

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