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2GETHER - Right Where It Counts Lyrics

We're alone in the roomPlayin' hexan and doomAnd now you're tellin' me goodbyeSo you want us apartThat puts a knife in my heartAnd a tear welling up in my eyeBut let me remind youHow much you have been blind tooYou've totally changed meMixed me up, rearranged meMy hair how you likeQuit hangin' with mikeAnd now you repay meBy tryin' to slay meI want you to knowThat you hit me too lowAnd that I can barely breatheIf I told you that I'm bleeding insideWould you let me get off my knees(chorus)Right where it countsThat's where you hit meRight where it countsI'm on my kneesRight where it countsStop kicking me, pleaseRight where it countsC'mon, c'mon, yeahRight where it countsI used to play footballI once was a goofballBut you didn't like thatNo, you didn't like thatThe guys call me whippedMy popularity slippedBecause you just wanted a doormatWe should've been friendsAnd I'd do it againIf you and I could get backBack on the highwayI thought we'd share our livesMe husband, you wifeNow I'm confusedAnd battered and I'm bruisedWhy are you so meanNow your ruptured my spleenAnd my lowest extremitiesIf we were aloneAnd your parents weren't homeI'd now a hundred obscenities(chorus 2x)If I really loved youThis is what you'd doOh baby, I can love youRight through that vid'cause that's the way you show meHow much you love meOr is it really somethingYou're trying to say(chorus 2x)Right where it counts(repeat 12x)

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