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2GETHER - I Wanna Know Your Name Lyrics

C'mon, c'mon, c'monC'mon, c'mon, c'monI wanna know your nameI never knew that love could put a spell on meThen you walked into the roomWhat to doShould I let my package showOr should I try and play it coolI've been foolin'I've been playin'For so long my heart's been waitin'To finally love someone like youNow my heart's anticipatin'All the love we could be makin'I gotta get this message through(chorus)I wanna know your nameI wanna know everything about youDriving me insaneI wanna know your nameHow can I let you knowI wanna get right next to youCheckin' the way you flowI wanna know your nameTell me nowWhere have you been all my lifeAre you real or just a dreamYou know I'm downAnything you want to doSo won't you come and go with meI can't take itPlease don't fake itHere's my heartNow don't you break it'cause you know I'm all about youI am itchin'Can't deny itThere's no creams out there can't fight itWhat can I say, what can I do(chorus)I want youI need youI really like to please youYou got itI need itIt's time that you believe itYou lookin' so fine tonight, babyI just wanna drive you around in my viperYeahWe gonna speed through town, the top downYour legs straddling the seatOh manWhat's your name, what's your name, what's your nameI wanna know your nameWhat's your name, what's your nameWhat's your name, what's your name(chorus 2x)What's your name, what's your nameWhat's your name, what's your name

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