INSANE CLOWN POSSE - Sleepwalker Lyrics

Welcome everyone, nate it's good to see you back.[hello]
people we have a new member today, i'd like you to meet him
he's going to stand up and tell us what's going on with him
and what he wants to change about himself, if you will

um, hello everybody, my name is violent jay, and i'm an ax murder
[hi violent jay]

ok now, remember we all have sima-similar problems, and that's why
we're all here, to help eachother, work them out

well i just hope you guys don't think i'm crazy but...
[tell us, tell us]
um, well

ok i will tell you if you don't tell no one else
think i have a problem and i probly could use help
you know the midnight killer that's been all over tv
i'm not totally sure, but i think it could be me
something happens to me when i'm sleeping in the night
wake up in my back yard with a shovel and a knife
filling up a hole again, i've dug up thirty-two
i know all my dreams of murder probably all are true

(chorus x2)
i choke 'em [choke 'em]
kill 'em [kill 'em]
stab 'em [stab 'em]
choke 'em [choke 'em]
kill 'em [kill 'em]
and sleep right through the night

walk around my neighborhood in slippers and my sweats
snorin' loud and mumblin' and steady squeezin' necks
never have to worry about traffic or the cops
all i have to do is stay away from doughnut shops
i remember nappy time in kindergarten class
wasn't quite a killer yet, i'd only beat some ass
never very popular most kids would point and stare
that's why i'd break the night club and drink that shit right there

chorus x2

i think, well i hope, it's all biggets and richie's that i'm killing
but probably an occasional innocent by-stander every now and then

well that's ok, we all make mistakes, but are you absolutely sure
that's it's even you doing these killings?

the more i think about, more i see that it could be
every time i meet a girl i bring her home with me
wake up in the morning there's no sign of my sweetheart
yet i see another hole is dug up in my yard
Denny's all night murders and the Kinko's killling spree
missing sunday paper boys, i can't believe it's me
i'm the only one from summer camp that made it home
could this be what's really going on? lemme sleep on it

chorus x3

ride around on possom back and eat with the racoons
chirping with the crickets naked underneath the moon
every morning i wake up and check if i been gone
muddy boots and Steak N' Shake food wrappers on my lawn [hehehe]
i cannot imagine just to think what i have done
sat there eating chili fries and slaughtered everyone
tried to see a hypnotist to get inside my head
i woke up and found that bitch dead, because


[hihihihi] ect.

i choke 'em

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