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Yo Gotti - That's What's Up (Intro) Lyrics

It Been A Long Time Comin A Lot Of Dope Runin Hustlin Tryin To Dodge These Cases The Streets Been Beggin So I Had T O Go Back To The Basics This Incoat Of Mi Life Incoat Of Mi World Ridge Crest Apropabably Movin That White Gurl Posted It Up On Tha Corna Movin That Marijuana Glocks All On Mi Hip Hollin Out U Don't Want It My Glock Stay Cocked Mi Cinnamon Popped Everybody Know Now Ima Go Get Ha And Any Nigga Ran In Yo Spot Convacated Yo Block And Nigga Get Shot You Ho Nigga And I Remember You Do You Remember Me Eight Leaving Rockin Up A Quarter Key Get Down On That Chick Shawty Passin Ya Chick Steady Swervin With Cha Chick On Tha Passenga Side Shawty Lets Ride Rims Still Spinnin So Shawty Lets Glide She Askin Me Why I Don't Get High Cause shorty I Made Fifty Off Of Three Point Five And That's Wat S Up

See Me Nigga Say Wats Up Want To Be Me That's Wats Dodge A Dolla Pop Ya Colla Then U Holla That's Wats See Me Shawty Say Wats Up Wanna Puck Me Nigga That's Wats That's Wats Up Nigga That's Wats Up That's Wats Up

Wat Up Coupe Wat Up Juge Wat Up Drama Aye Wat Up Mama Aye Wat Up Hatas Wat Up Hustlas Wat Up Real Nigga S Wat Up Bustas Aye Wat Up Snitches Look At Then Chickens Wat Up Stunna Thanks For Then Six Digits Fa Show Wat Up Balls Wat Up G's Wat Up Memphis Ten Afreakin Keys Wats Hannin Wat Up 36 I Know You U Don't Like Me But F Ya Wat Up Feds Don't Indyke Me But F Ya Wat Up Gvgs This In Check Pimp Wat Up Cash Money That's How You Deal Wit Them Wat Up Boss Hogg Wat Up Mell Row Wat Up Chow Wat Up Trail Wat Up V Slang Wat Up Columbians Wat Up Mexicans Cause On The Real Yall Got A Nigga Askin

Wat Up Roli Watch I Paid A Brick Fa You Wat Up Grill On The Real You Bout Achicken 2 Wat Up Crack House Wat Up Dope Fens Wat Up Purple Dro Wat Codin Wat Up Trap Season Baby You Da Reason Charge Niggas Thirty Fa Bird Dem Done It Easy Sold Fish Scale Sold Oil Banks Wat Up Street Tunes Wat Up Young Face Wat Up Street Brollin This A Gangsta Part
Wat Tvt You Messin Wit A Gangsta Artist Wat Up Tripp Tell Me Ain't Got Abuzz Ya Nope Quarter Million Out Cha Pocket Chow Promotion Freak It Wat Up Rap Nigga S Scrappin Up That Dirty Change Wat Up Rap Niggas In This Street A Dirty Game Recoupe Your Advance Take Poses And Publish It Put You On Tv And Leave You Out There Wit Nunthin Not Me

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