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Glenn Miller - Juke Box Saturday Night Lyrics

(Albert Stillman / Paul McGrane)
(vocals : Tex Beneke, Marion Hutton & The Modernaires)

TEX: Moppin‘ up sodapop rickeys
To our heart's delight
MODS: Dancin‘ to swingeroo quickies
Jukebox Saturday night

MARION: Goodman and Kyser and Miller
Help to make things bright
MODS: Mixin‘ hot licks with vanilla
Jukebox saturday night

MODS: They put nothin‘ past us
MARION: Me and honey lamb
TEX: Making one Coke last us
MODS: Till it's time to scram

TEX: Money we really don't need bad,
MARION: We make out alright
MODS: Lettin‘ the other guy feed that
Jukebox Saturday night

MODS: After sippin‘ a soda we got a scheme
Somebody else plays the record machine
It's so easy to say pet names
When you listen to the trumpet of Harry James

(-Instrumental interlude playing Ciribiribin á la Harry James-)

MARION: We love to hear that tenor croon
Whenever the Ink Spots sing a tune

("The Ink Spots"):
If I didn't know why the roses grow
Then I wouldn't know why the roses grow...
(Spoken) Now listen, honey child,
If I didn't know all them little things I'm supposed to know
Then I sure would be a sad man
If I didn't know

MODS: Money we really don't need it,
We'll make out alright
Lettin‘ the other guy feed that
Jukebox Saturday night!

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