BLACK CROWES - Virtue Vice Lyrics

Think of meI'll think of youWe better thinkThis whole thing throughSometimes I'm so clumsyYou talk to meI'll talk to youYou cut the fatAnd we'll both chewYou know we're both hungryI feel so alive todayThat's all that I wanted to sayI hope that it stays this wayIf not I will be okaySay another prayerSave another lifeKiss me on my headAnd tell meEverything's alright'cause I can say it oneOr I can shout it twiceAll there really isIs virtue and viceVirtue and viceCry to meI'll cry to youSometimes the pain will only doYou know I'm not kiddingYou laugh with meI'll laugh with youAt all the stupid things we doTomorrow we'll be happy

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