BLACK CROWES - Jealous Again Lyrics

Cheat the odds that made youBrave to try to gamble at timesWell I feel like dirty laundrySending sickness on down the lineTell you why'cause I'm jealous, jealous againThought it time I let you inYeah, I'm jealous, jealous againGot no time, babyAlways drunk on sundayTry'n to feel like I'm at homeSmell the gasoline burningBoys out feeling nervous and cold(repeat 1st chorus)Stop, understand meI ain't afraid of losing faceStop, understand meI ain't afraid of ever losing faith in youNever felt like smilingSugar wanna' kill me yetFind me loose lipped and laughingSinging songs ain't got no regrets(repeat 1st and 2nd chorus)Don't you think I want toDon't you think I wouldDon't you think I'd tell you babyIf I only couldAm I acting crazyAm I just too proudAm I just plain lazyAm i, am i, am i, ever(repeat 1st chorus)

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