BLACK CROWES - Good Friday Lyrics

We've been avoiding this for so longLuxury is temporary than it's goneI thought that we would happenI guess I'm wrongWell say hi on the street,Then well move alongI know this will be awkwardBut not for longCause soon you'll have a new boyTo sing you songsChorusI will not forgive youNor will I accept the blameI will see you on good fridayOn good fridayI'm sorry I couldn't do this yesterdayAnd tomorrow I am busy and whatIt is I can't sayAnd saturday's no goodI got a showSo it's got to be good fridayThen it's so longBridgeYou, you come and go when you pleaseI know unfulfilled headsI know you do tooBut i, you know I never seeThings through,Never paid attention to youBut honey I tried.

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