BLACK CROWES - Go Faster Lyrics

What kind of trouble did I get into? Gotcha moving, gotcha movingNot staying long just passing throughKeep you rolling, keep you rollingI know the chemicals you like tooGotcha moving, gotcha movingAnd if you ask me niceI'll take you to schoolKeep you rolling, keep you rollingI took all I needI don't need no moreThen I'll take what I wantUntil I want some moreYou can't stopOr I might pass yaIf you slow downI'll out last yaBut when you're downYou won't find me laughingJust one question I might ask yaIt might sound like a disasterCan you make this thing go faster? I know something baby we can doGotcha moving, gotcha movingA pinch, a bite, a lick or maybe twoKeep you rolling, keep you rollingSaw what I came to seeDon't want to see no moreI don't think it's diseasedBut is sure is sore

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