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BLACK CROWES - Girl From The Pawn Shop Lyrics

With a pawnshop eyes and a second hand frownShe sat silent at the tableHer boots were brown, should she leave townTo play the role of lover ex-patriotA nod to the waiter,always her flirty behavior,You know she always gets one on the houseShe pulls out a letter from a bagUnder her sweater and before sheReads she straightens her blouseThere's a passion in being alone a grace in a loveless timeThere's no new cross, there's no new signOnly the sun and the changing tideAnd out of respect, well really must confessI never lost your number I neverLost your addressAnd if we remain friends at bestSometime later no, no not yetWe'll smile and remember it like thisShe put back the letter,one tearFalls like a feather and disappearsOn this bar room floorThe gratuity included, you knowThe letter concludedP.s. all my love

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