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BLACK CROWES - Bad Luck Blue Eyes Goodbye Lyrics

With my winter timeMy idols and stage frightIn another nightWhere the lights are loud and brightOne dream from waking up savedToo shy to hold in the rageI know no luxuryOf knowing what your eyes readI know one million waysTo always pick the wrong thing to sayA love that you never gaveAlways a time zone awayIt's not out of spiteI know what's rightBad luck blue eyes goodbyeSometimes a memoryOnly sees what it wants to believeAnd what's filled in betweenAre days and nights that don't mean a thingSuch a simple suicideA second chance never triedAnd you don't understandI need a helping handSo you think that you've seen it allIs that a fact? So out your mouth a dictionarySpouts about this and thatYou got your do's, your don'tsBecause and whyI don't trust no one who don'tTake their own adviceBad luck blue eyes goodbye

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