BILLIE HOLIDAY - Them There Eyes Lyrics

Maceo pinkard / william tracey / doris tauberI fell in love with you first time I looked intoThem there eyesYou've got a certain lil' cute way of flirtin' withThem there eyesThey make me feel happyThey make me feel blueNo stallin'I'm fallin'Going in a big way for sweet little youMy heart is jumpin'Sure started somethin withThem there eyesYou'de better watch them if you're wiseThey sparkleThey bubbleThey're gonna get you in a whole lot of troubleYou're overworkin' themThere's danger lurkin' inThem there eyesMaybe you think I'm just flirtin'Maybe you think I'm all liesJust because I get romantic when I gaze inThem there eyes

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