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BILLIE HOLIDAY - The End Of A Love Affair Lyrics

Edward c. reddingSo I walk a little too fast and I drive a little too fastAnd I'm reckless it's true, but what else can you do at theEnd of a love affair? So I talk a little too much, and I laugh a little too muchAnd my voice is too loud, when I'm out in a crowdSo that people are apt to stareDo they know, do they care, that it's only that I'm lonelyAnd low as can be? And the smile on my face isn't really a smile at atll!So I smoke a little too much, and I drink a little too muchAnd the tunes I request are not always the bestBut the ones where the trumpets blare!So I go at a maddening pace, and I pretend that it's takingYour placeBut what else can you do, at the end of a love affair

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