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Golden Earring - Clear Night Moonlight Lyrics

From the Albums:
* N.E.W.S.
* Something heavy going down

I wanna go ahead until I just run out of gas
I wanna beat the road, with four-wheel thunder
There's a Cadillac dealer in Kansas City counting money
And the highway patrol are going nowhere

Don't say no, [don't say no -]don't make me grieve
Don't say no, [don't say no -]you gotta feel the breeze

On a clear night, moonlight, You and me [in] the car
Under a thousands stars [, Clear night, moonlight]
That's all the magic we need [- that's all the magic we need]
So don't you go turnin' my dream into a nightmare
C'mon [honey] let's ride , [ride] right out of here

Imagine you and I, leavin' it all behind
Find another world, beyond the turnpike
There'll be lots of people uptight
Maybe some F.B.I., and your daddy screamin' bloody murder
Don't say no, [don't say no -] don't make me grieve
Don't say no, [don't say no -]you gotta feel the breeze

Picture the two of us, we're so happy, so much in love
You know how the story goes - At the end of the rainbow
There's a bag of gold...

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