Glasseater - To Feel Adored Lyrics

how do my lips feel?
can you feel my struggle?
emotions held in since childhood
and it's my turn to let you know
i've been stepped on,
walked on, abused, refused...
shallow people living shallow lives
learning first hand
the consequences of love
feeling so low
one with the floor
every now and then it comes and goes
feeling this high
up in the sky
oh how i've waited to feel adored
so much has changed since then
this inside is still tainted
slowly getting over it
at times i feel so untouchable
sometimes the smallest things bring me down
depression sometimes kills the best of them
so let me use you to forget about the past
and ill do it like that because you said i was the very best
how do my hands feel?
can you feel my pain?
because i've never felt this good
from me to you.

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