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Crystal Ball - Fallen From Grace Lyrics

[Music: Sweeney / Leach, Lyrics: Sweeney]

Legions of darkness – They have killed
The fallen ones – Burn in hell
End of days – Dreams unfilled
Glory and death – The innocent fell

Again they lost the fight
Free from all lost pride
So many people died
Each day – Each night

War – and all the flames got higher
War – fallen from grace
War – and all the thieves and liars
Touched with blood – on this day

Soldiers are dead
They die on the ground
No mercy inside – To be found
Out in the field
They lost their lives
Armed with a gun
And a killer knife

Now look to the skies
The wind of change
Blowing through
Uhhh, don't be afraid to see
The dark clouds above disappear

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