311 - C. U. T. M.

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Hexum, sexton, mahoney and wills<br>We groove so fuckin' hard it gives you the chills<br>Well I've been stricken<br>The bass is kickin'<br>When suckers step to me, boy, I give them a lickin'<br><br>Chorus<br>Cosmic utopian thrivin' mission, my baby<br>Cosmic utopian thrivin' mission, my baby<br><br>I feel good<br>Yo bad self<br><br>Well, I am the hexum, call me nick<br>I live by the code of cosmic<br>I've come to say, we're here to stay<br>Utopian way we'll play today<br>We've got the drive, we are so live<br>Won't take a dive, we're gonna thrive<br>We got a condition called ambition<br>To the cosmic utopian thrivin' mission<br><br>Chorus<br><br>Witness this, yo the pissed lyricist<br>In your face celebratin' a brand new race<br>We know colors are just brothers and some others<br>Drive on the ginger but they failed to mention<br>The consequence of no conscience<br>You can't fool, I'm schoolin' you with the new school<br>Now speakin on a round, step back mother fucker, I'm goin' to town<br><br>Chorus<br><br>I feel good<br>Break it down<br>I got one more rhyme<br><br>Yes, the verbs I got<br>They hit that spot<br>The crowd is freakin'<br>And bro., I'm peekin'<br>When I'm on stage, you're havin' a fit<br>But without my brothers, baby, I ain't shit<br><br>Chorus

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