Vert - Lapse Lyrics

I know my frown looks like a smile
and the sobbing seems like laughter
you thought the tears were blood
my private pain a flood
she's your way she's your way
my bones they look like flesh
my veins they look like blood
and my mouth it feels so dirty
my hands are warm though you left me cold
she's your way she's your way
I know I look like scum
and you know I feel like mud
but to who? maybe you
she's your way, she's a lapse
she's a lapse
I know I'm lower than you
so how do I look, down your nose
your hatred grows as only the hated knows
how do I look to you now that there's a knife in between you toes
the blade grows as only the cut knows
she's your way she's your way
I'll never let you forget that she's only your way
though you throw me to the fire
you're gonna run into something
maybe me
falling off your feet
always looking at me down your nose
the rooster crows as only the morning knows,
and do you know?

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