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Vert - Falling With Wings Lyrics

two forms
you have a hard time seeing

would heavens light shine down
would a voice protect them
only once that they hold to each other
do they see the sea
of hurt, the waves of pain
the ship of confusion sinking them down

so you were there, so was I
do you hold the hand of protection
do you hold the hand of hate
do you hold the hand of one
who would blacken the sun
for you, for him, not to see the sin
and not to see, what love could never do
well this is the story

can I say
we have one hurt, one pain, one need, we are the same
one lust, one sin, one life to live,
one mind, one sign, I feel we've run out of time
one light, one way, and we would die to hear Him say
that He's leading us to something more

you must have grown
you must have aged
you must have loved
you must own rage

you must have kissed the lips of not knowing
you must have known that the hard way was not the lighted path
to learn
you must have known

I would kiss you and hold you down to
keep you from the smoke that kills so well
I would protect you
I would fight
I would hold you and never let you go again

and we would love and we would hate
we would close our eyes
and step off the mountain
to clouds that don't hold rain
to heavens that don't hold clouds
and we would fall and not wish to fly

if I must leave you now
the goodbye would last forever
till love ends
till I can allow hate to begin
but would the one that created me and you
destroy us now
I never knew
would love continue

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